Percussion Friends Sweelinck Academy

Since september 2014 Percussion Friends started the collaboration with the Sweelinck Academy of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. 
The Sweelinck Academy is known as the Dutch National academy for exceptionally gifted young musicians.


The Conservatorium van Amsterdam's Sweelinck Academy offers excellent music education to highly talented musicians age 8-18, with a focus on classical music. The study programme is designed to stimulate the development of young musicians who show exceptional talent and who need support on a high level. The Sweelinck Academy provides weekly individual principal subject lessons and lessons in music theory, ear training and harmony, plus a fully integrated chamber music programme. Throughout the year, focus day are organized on a specific topic such as choral singing, improvisation, composition, movement or stage presentation.

With lessons generally taking place on Fridays and Saturdays, the Sweelinck Academy can be easily combined with regular primary or secundary education. The Conservatorium van Amsterdam also offers the possibility of combining the Sweelinck Academy with secondary education at the Gerrit van der Veenschool in Amsterdam, and partially fitting the music lessons into the school timetable. Because of the amount of time the instrument already takes up at this stage, according to a governmental arrangement it may be possible to be exempted from some school subjects. 

Every year Percussion Friends offers 4 places for exceptional talent to have education with the famous team of Percussion Friends teachers. In the past they educated about 150 students from all over the world and today around 60% of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam students came to study through Percussion Friends. 

Former students are already international acclaimed soloist, chamber musicians and won orchestral jobs in all the major orchestras around the world. 

Ramon is coordinator and artistic director of the Percussion Friends Sweelinck Academy. 

Conservatorium van Amsterdam

Ramon holds a main teacher’s position at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He is appointed to teach Marimba, Vibraphone and Chamber music at this world leading institute.

The team of teachers are:
Richard Janssen (Head of the department)
Mark Braafhart (Orchestral percussion)
Marijn Korff de Gidts (Non-western percussion & Methodology)
Ramon Lormans (Marimba, Vibraphone & Chamber music)
Bence Major (Orchestral percussion)
Arnold Marinissen (Setup & Contemporary repertoire)
Peter Prommel (Mallets, Ensemble & Mindfullness)
Nick Woud (Timpani)
Xi Rachel Zhang (Marimba)

Tomohiro Ando (Timpani assistent)
Arjan Jongsma (Marimba assistent)

Vincent Houdijk (Guest teacher vibraphone)
Nancy Zeltsman (Guest teacher marimba) 

Conservatorium van Amsterdam.gif

The Conservatorium van Amsterdam prepares some 1250 highly talented students for careers as passionate performers and composers, and as imaginative, effective leaders in the international music scene. Our guiding principle is ‘excellent education’. Our international student body thrives in a supportive atmosphere that encourages excellence, values individuals and welcomes innovation. The CvA inspires the performance, creation and knowledge of great music, while exchange programmes, distant learning and entrepreneurial opportunities expand the school’s reach. Every year, hunderds of concerts and community and outreach events take place. The CvA is a steady contributor to the cultural fabric of Amsterdam and an important player on the world stage.

The musical world is always in motion. This has a major impact on the infrastructure, artistic concepts and how we reach out to audiences. The musician of the future will be a specialist who is in full charge of his profession, and who possesses skills beyond his excellence in performance. The CvA follows a clear path through all this: excellence above all. Every element of the musical profession is practised at a high level; musical craftmanship, artistic authenticity, but also didactic and entrepreneurial skills. All of this provides graduate CvA students with the best possible starting position for a career in the international music world.

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Codarts Rotterdam

Ramon holds a main teacher’s position at the Codarts Conservatorium Rotterdam. He is appointed to teach Marimba, Vibraphone and Chamber music at this world leading institute.

The team of teachers are:
Chris Leenders (Head of the department)
Hans Leenders (Orchestral percussion & Setup)
Ramon Lormans (Marimba, Vibraphone & Chamber music)

Georgi Tsenov (Marimba assistent)

Vincent Houdijk (Guest teacher vibraphone)
Murk Jiskoot (Guest teacher non-western music & handdrums)
Rene Spierrings (Guest teacher theatrical percussion) 


As a musician, you want to reach the highest possible level in an inspiring, international setting where you can develop your experience and can be yourself. At Codarts, we offer you this setting.
The renowned teachers help you to reach your desired top level. In addition there are plenty opportunities for collaboration with the other departments: from pop to world music, from dance to circus. This provides you with the inspiration and incentives to go your own way.

You can benefit from our excellent connections in the world of music. Each year you gain more and more stage experience. You develop yourself into a ‘performer-plus’: you not only know how to deliver a strong performance, but you are also capable of transferring knowledge, doing research and managing your own business.

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Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy

The Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy is one of the major summer schools around the world, being yearly held in Amsterdam. A percussion community is being built with the international network of the Artistic Team; Maikel Claessens, Vincent Houdijk and Ramon Lormans. The Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy has been yearlyt organized from 2005 and works in collaboration with Conservatorium van Amsterdam since 2014. 

Throughout the last five years, over 150 applicants from all the continents from 30 different countries took part in PFCMA. Many former students have jobs and respectable positions in the major orchestra's, teaching institutions, or have a solo & chamber music carreer. 


Others about PFCMA:

‘What I liked so much at this academy was the broad offer of lessons and information, the relaxed atmosphere, and the endless enthusiasm by the students and teachers about music. Besides that there were great concerts by reputable names in the percussion field. The fact that this academy takes place at the Conservatory of Amsterdam makes it easy to make contact between the students of the conservatory and the students of Percussion Friends. Overall a fantastic course! I would advise to anyone loving percussion to apply for Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy.’
Mark Braafhart about PFCMA – teacher at Conservatorium van Amsterdam & Percussion soloist of Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

“It was amazing! A lot of fun! Music, especially ensemble playing makes us so happy and we can share most precious moments of our life! It was a wonderful experience for me to work with all the students and teachers of Percussion Friends! 
Nanae Mimura about PFCMA – internationally acclaimed marimba soloist (Japan)

"Tchiki Duo is delighted to be invited for several years at the Percussion Friends Chamber Music Academy. Percussion nowadays is in full development, especially for the young talented percussionists, and both Vincent Houdijk & Ramon Lormans are the leading teachers of this concept dedicated to the next generation of artists. Tchiki duo encourage this idea of mixing young professional students with young talented amateur musicians to stimulate the teaching process. This way, numerous students learn a lot and quick, with a relevant concert at the end of the academy. The smile and the enthusiastic applause from audience is the best reward for the intensive work the students made during 10 days.
Tchiki duo strongly recommends this academy to all international percussionists. Long life to Percussion Friends!"
Nicolas Suter & Jacques Hostettler, Tchiki Duo (Switserland)